Kellyanne Conway, Phyllis Schlafly, and Post-Feminism

Huffington Post

Yesterday, I published a piece on the Huffington Post that explores how Conway and other anti- and post-feminists misrepresent feminism and dismiss the inequalities experienced by other women.

Most women will never possess the authority, the political influence, and the economic independence of Conway and Schlafly because of the very inequalities that these anti- and post-feminist representatives claim no longer exist. Women in the United States continue to experience disparity in their salaries, have been sexually harassed in their workplaces, and have juggled the roles of wives, mothers, and professionals while scrambling to pay for expensive child care and college tuition.


The post-feminist message that Conway is peddling actually serves to mask the very real sexism that persists in this country, for all women and especially for women of color who still have fewer opportunities than white women. There has been progress but that progress does not connote equality.

You can read more here: “Kellyanne Conway’s Post-Feminism is a Con”